By Natasha Keating

Monday, 10 June 2013

My Top 10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day from Next

Hey Beauties
Leaving makeup & all things beauty aside for now, I bring you this little post.
As you may or may not know this Sunday 16th June is Fathers Day.
Its that one day of the year we get to go all out & show our Dads our appreciation for them. It’s the day we can be a little kid again and say ‘I Love You, Daddy’ and it be OK. After all ladies they are & always will be the main man in our lives.
If you have forgotten to pick up a gift or Haven’t yet got around to it yet (like me), don’t panic because as I was browsing I came across a lot of affordable gifts on Next. Check out the site for yourself & you will find that there is a lot of available options. Just as a little guide I chose my top 10 ideas. These gifts are the perfect tokens to give on their own or maybe giving a few of them to your dad to make a bigger present.
Starting from the top left hand corner of the above image and clockwise from there you have:
1.      BlackClassic Leather Watch - £30
2.      BBQSword - £16
5.      BlueCamper Washbag - £18
6.      MiniGrooming Kit - £13
7.      SignatureWhite Striped Shirt - £28
alternative: Next do great shirt & tie sets at great prices like THIS
8.      GreyPhoto Frame 6 x 4” - £8
Why not create that extra special gift with by inserting a family picture or even a picture of yourself into a frame like this for your dad to have in their office or on their desk at work.
9.      IHate Work Cufflinks - £12
Not everyone likes to work & especially when the weather is as sunny as the past few days. So why not get your dad these quirky cuff links.
 Note: Warn him not to wear these to work, if he wants to keep his job!
10.  BlackSuit Carrier - £40
Every man needs to wear a suit at some stage of their life & some even wore one everyday. If you have a suit, you need a bag to carry it.
I hope this can guide you in choosing the perfect gift.
What are you getting your dad?
Natasha xx


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