By Natasha Keating

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Product Review: Garnier Simply Essentials 2in1 Makeup Remover

Hey Beauties,
Ever tried Bioderma Sensibo H2O? Do you hate that it's hard to get your hands on in stores? Well I may have found a cheap alternative for you & even better, it is available in all supermarkets & drugstores in the UK & Ireland.

 I personally have not tried Bioderma but have found that this product claims to have all the properties that Bioderma claims to have. I will be trying bioderma & thus will do a comparison of the two soon.

This alternative I speak of is from the brand Garnier & is the Simply Essentials soothing 2in1 makeup remover. As I said this can be found almost anywhere that sells Garnier products, I got mines in Boots for like £1.50 which first attracted me to it even though it has been out for a while. There is 200ml of product and it can be found HERE for under £3.
This product claims to be suitable for removing face & eye makeup and claims to be able to even remove waterproof makeup. It has no perfume, no alcohol & claims that no rubbing is needed to remove makeup. It also claims to be suitable for sensitive skin & is dermatologically& ophthalmologically tested (What?? Me neither!).
In the bottle there is two layers of product – one clear layer with a blue layer on top. The blue liquid on top being a makeup removing oil and the clear solution being cleansing water which are enriched with plant extract & pro-vitamin B5.

How to use *
1.      Firstly shake the bottle well to combine both solutions.
2.      Soak cotton pad with solution
3.      Wipe area to be cleaned (gently)

Verdict *
Personally I am usually more a face wipe & cleansing lotion type of girl when it comes to removing makeup but since the hype of Bioderma I am starting to venture out into other available options.

I tried this out when I had a full face of makeup with heavy eye makeup& bold matte lip. I wanted to give this the best test possible. I soaked the pad & wiped around my face. I was surprised to see that with one wipe my ruby woo lips had come straight off when usually it bes a lot tougher. I used an extra pad for eyes alone & found it took the eye makeup off quite well but not in one swipe. For the tougher eye makeup I would suggest (like bioderma) I would hold it on the eye for at least 10 seconds or so and then wipe.

Pros : In general, this is a great product that removes makeup quite well in less cotton pads than a lotion & therefore faster to get makeup off.

Cons: This smells of rosewater which isn’t a smell I am fond off & makes me doubt the whole ‘no perfume’ claim so I don’t really think it be best for those with REALLY sensitive skin to try. Also it is really oily (because of the blue liquid) which has caused me to breakout on my cheeks.

Would I recommend? *
I would recommend this product for those with Normal to dry skin & would suggest sensitive/oily skin to steer clear. But I think products treat everyone differently so if you ever do come across it, on deal especially, do give it a try. As it broke me out on my cheeks I have only been using it for my eyes & lips as I find it is great for tough makeup. Even though it did break me out if you were to use it on your face I would suggest following up with toner (which I didn’t) to remove the excess oil. I will probably not repurchase this in a hurry and as I am only using it for my eyes& lips I don’t think I will run out anytime soon.

Have you tried this product?

Are you a big fan of these types of products?

Natasha xx


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