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Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday's Favourites: TV Boxsets

Hey beauties!

It's that time again. This week I will be sharing all my favourite TV Boxsets. I love a good Boxsets and watch them every night before I sleep so you can imagine I am running out of ones to watch. At the minute I have only US TV Boxsets. I just love America and its TV programmes!

Without further delay, my favourites.

In no particular order....

1. Friends

2. Big Bang Theory

3. Gossip Girl

4. Gilmore Girls

So far I have the full collection of all the above and have nearly watched them all TWICE! I have began looking into more Boxsets and decided to buy Ugly Betty. I have seen lot of them on TV and decided and I wana watch them all.

For Valentines day my BF got me the sixth season to One Tree Hill. I have never watched any of them never mind own season 1! When I asked him why buy the sixth season he said "what do you mean? Is that not all six seasons" LOL so funny.

So I am gonna buy the other seasons of one tree hill too :)

Hope you liked this post. Have a great weekend! Hope the Easter Bunny drops by. Happy Easter!

Natasha xx

P.S sorry for being a day late but it wouldn't let me upload this post yesterday :( better late than never. Right?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday's Favourites: Youtubers & Bloggers

Hey Beauties!

Thought I would start a little mini series "Friday's favourites" which will be a post every friday telling you what my favourites are. Each week will be a different topic, for example: DVDs, youtubers, makeup, books etc. Will be a something different on the side of my other beauty posts but this will be a guaranteed post EVERY Friday for a while.

This weeks Friday Favourites is on Youtubers & Bloggers :)!

Obviously I am a big fan of blogs and religously watch youtube videos so I am finding this one a tad difficult to choose a few without the list being endless. I decided I would go for a 'Top 10' list of my favourites.

If you are not mentioned do not in anyway feel as I dont like your blog it may be that I have yet to discover it or due to this being a quick post I may have forgot to put you down while under presser LOL!


Pixiwoo is a beauty blog and youtube run by makeup artists & sisters Sam and Nicola. They are really popular and have amazing talent. Sam is Sam Chapman who created Real technique brushses. If you haven't already heard of them by now, Where have you been?? This video is one of my favourite looks that they have done so do give it a watch. Also check their blog HERE
Carlibel55 is another blogger and also has a youtube channel. She has some really good tips and ALWAYS looks amazing! She is one of the channels I would get most excited about when I see a new video is uploaded. You can find her blog HERE.
Zoella280390 has this amazing personality which comes across in her posts and makes her so easy to watch. I love her haul videos and she has this obsession with topshop makeup & lush which I love about her as I too love both brands. This video is one of my favourite type of videos (Hauls) and especially when I just love to shop in Boots. Check out her blog also HERE
4. Sprinkle of Glitter
Sprinkle of Glitter is also really good at putting her personality across in her blog posts and is really fun to watch in her youtube videos. AND funny enough her and Zoe from Zoella are best friends! Louise also has a cute little baby who she refers to as Baby glitter (How cute!). You can find her blog HERE & her Youtube Channel HERE
Tanya Burr is an amazing makeup artist and again one I get excited to see has a new video uploaded. She is really talented and also happens to be engaged to Pixiwoo girls' brother! (Fun Fact!) Her monthly favourites videos are my fav and she just seems such a sweet girl!
SincerlyPaisley is an amazing, talented singer/ musician. I have only recently come across her but WOW! I am obsessed with her videos. I only wish she had a CD or even had a way for me to download them. Her voice is amazing and she makes amazing songs even better. (Ok. a LOT of the word 'amazing. Sorry. But you will soon see what I mean LOL)! Go check out her videos you will not be disappointed.
A little obsessed is a beauty blog that I have been following a while now. It is a blog by Louise and again is a really popular blog. Her posts are brillant and she is beautiful. Go check it out HERE
A Model Recommends is a beauty blog by Ruth who is (if you havent guessed) a model. She has some really good posts also and some good recommendations/reviews. She also has a Youtube channel but to be honest I have yet to check her videos out. You can find her blog HERE & her youtube channel HERE
9. Nicole Gueriero 
Nicole Gueriero is a youtube beauty guru, she is really talented and beautiful. She has some really good tips and always creates good looks. I only recently came across her through the Ryan Secreast competition and I'm glad I did. She already is having an influence on some of my makeup looks!
SminkyAnimation is little, short, funny videos usually of animals talking and saying funny things. They are really fun videos and always sure to give you a laugh. But I will warn you that some strong language is used throughout this videos so they arent for the light hearted. Also they are made by an irish fella (I think) and can be hard to understand for some people. But do give them a watch if the language doesnt bother you :)
Well beauties that is for this weeks Friday's favourites. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did sharing it. I'll be back next friday with another one so come back for that.
Have a great weekend. And stay warm if your weather is anything like our current cold, snowy, wintery weather.
Natasha xx


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

HD Brows!

Hey Beauties,

Two weeks ago I went & got my HD brows done. Between waiting on an appointment & trying to grow them without giving up I was delighted, to say the least, to have them done. If you are not sure what HD brows are, they are basically more defined perfect shaped brows which gives you the brow specific to your taste and face shape. See the image below outlining how the perfect brow should look:

‘A’shows you where your eyebrow should begin
‘B’shows you where your eyebrow should arch
‘C’shows you where your eyebrow should end
These eyebrows have received so much press due to popularity of this treatment by celebrities, makeup artists and of course all beauty & fashionistas out there.
I first heard of them through a friend after I complimented her on very strong structured brows. They really lifted her eyes and structured her face. So off I went thinking I could just pop into my regular salon to get my eyebrows done but ask for HD brows. Luckily before I went to the Salon and lay on the bed and said ‘HD brows please’ I discovered the HD brow was actually a brand of brow designing only available in few salons.

HD brows involves a bit of 'all in one' treatment as it includes everything that can be done to a brow. There is waxing, tweezing, tinting, threading and more. Watch the video below which shows the 7 steps taken to achieve the brow. I recommend watching the video before you go just to give you a taster of what to expect and so you are not going in there clueless.

The cost of the treatment tends to be around £25 and £15 for a top up treatment every 5-6 weeks. Before you can get these brows you have to have about 6 weeks growth on them so yes that means not touching them at all (this is the part I found hardest). As I said before HD brows are a brand and they do sell products for the aftercare and to allow you to always have the HD brow look. The have eyebrow palettes to fill in the brows, brow pencils and growth enhancers for those that need some hair growth in certain areas to get the perfect brow. Below you will see my before and after picture:

As you can see from my picture there is some difference and I definately happy with them and will definately will be getting them done again. The only downside of these eyebrows is the price which was also the reason I havent had them done sooner as I couldnt justify paying nearly £30 to get my eyebrows done. But I definately wouldnt look back now and considering it is only £25 the first time and £15 the rest of times it is very reasonable for the amount of work and time that goes into achieving them. I haven't as of yet bought any of the products but the next time I go I think I might just do so as I have read so many reviews and seen people using them so they must be good. So I will let yous all know what I buy and what I think of them.
If you are considering these brows definately watch the above video and go check out there site HERE to know what to expect and use the little locator tool to find one near you.
Hope you all liked this post make sure and let me know what you think in the comments below and let me know have had these brows done or are having them done. Also don't forget to follow this blog and tweet me you pics of your brows. Check out the pages tabs above too where I have answered questions and put my contact information.
Chat soon Beauties,
Natasha xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lip Balms & Lipsticks <3

Hey Beauties!

I have lots of greatposts coming up on the next couple of weeks so do stay tuned!
Today I will be showing you all my favourite lip products - Lipbalms &Lipsticks. I will be doing a post of my favourite lipglosses at another time.

So how have you allbeen? I'm so glad to be back blogging and I have soooo much to share!

First I will startwith the lip balms. See the photo below. There is only three shown but believeme its the three of these brands but in every flavour and colour they have!

Clockwisefrom the top: EOS-lemon, Vaseline-original & Born Lippy-Strawberry
Firstly there is theEOS lip balm which is an egg shaped pot with a screw top that reveals a cleverdome shaped product than your pouring old stick version. It is really popularin America and with celebrities so of course I just had to get some. And I didwhen I was in NYC, in every flavour that I could possibly find considering they were only $5. They are one ofthose lippies that smell divine and taste it too. (Not that you should eat itbecause that would be bad and waste good lip balm). Anyways! I just love thislip balm and is definately my fave of the 3 brands and is sure to be found inmy handbag. Just need to finish my collection of them now though. Yummmm.
Then on to the good,old vaseline. A must-have for everyone! I will always have vaseline in mymakeup bag because its perfect for not only the lips but you eyelids to makeeyeshadow last longer, to make your eyebrows to stay and even help smooth dry skin. Its that good it can beused on baby's bottoms... Pretty safe then huhh. This comes in a variety offlavours and colours & is relatively cheap being at the most £2.50 (the newchampagne flavour set the bar this high).

Lastly its paradisein the form of lip balm. The Born Lippy lip balms are a range from The BodyShop (TBS) and come in variety of fruity flavours. My favourite beingStrawberry shown above. I'm pretty sure I have everyone of these (I know. Iknow. But they are just sooo good). Next time your passing TBS stop in and buyone, a bargain at only £2 less or online HERE. I just love how the smell of themwhen you apply them can like transport you back to your childhood or onto atropical island.

Keep a look out onmy facebook page to see how I store my "fruity" lip balms. I store myEOS and born lippy together, as they are fruity I keep them in a bowl on mydresser & call it my fruit bowl (weird I know!).

And now onto myfavourite lipsticks. Drum roll please.....

I have a lot oflipstick and therefore a lot of favourites but I managed to narrow it down tothe few seen below.

Sothere is the 7 of them and you can see they are from various brands and fromdifferent end of the pricing spectrum. Below you can see what they look likeopen.
Fromthe left: Estee Lauder-Crystal Baby, Boots 17-Hot Chilli, Boots 17 lip shine,Estee Lauder-Crystal Melon, Mac-Rebel, MUA-Shade 3 and Max Factor-Pink Brandy
Allthese lipsticks are beautiful, more on the sheen than matte side of lipsticks and great for any skin tone. Below you will seeswatches of the EL Crystal Melon & MF Pink Brandy, both very similar incolour and texture but major difference in price.

TheEstee Lauder Pure Colour Crystal lipstick comes in at £19.50 a pop (Not too badconsidering brand and quality). The MaxFactor Colour Elixir comes in at £7.99 &  currently in Boots on 3 for 2 offer so you could buy 3 of theseinstead of one estee lauder. As you can see it is very hard to tell the difference except that the MF one is a teeny, tiny bit dullerThen you have the rest of the lipsticks. See the swatches below:

From the left you have Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix lipstick in the Shade Hot Chilli which is a lovely Red but is more on the orange side. It is This colour usually suits everyone but as the beautiful Audrey Hepburn once said:
"There is a Shade of Red for every woman"
It comes in at a nice price of £4.29 and is only available to Boots.

Then its the beautiful Rebel from MAC Cosmetics. This is a gorgeous deep purpley pink - midtoned plum, it is a very popular colour and is well known for being the lipstick Nicole Scherzinger wore on the Halloween themed X factor night. It is not the cheapest of lipsticks at £14 but MAC are well for their quality and you sure do get it for the price (but its not a lipstick brand I would want to be buying everyday as I will just be broke but one day I will own them all Muahaha!)

Then its another EL Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby which is a gorgeous Nude coloured lipstick which is perfect for Day or Night and definately a must-have in a MUA's wedding makeup kit. This is definately worth the money but Im sure there is a cheaper version out there. I will find it.

Then the cheapest lipstick of them all is the Makeup Academy Lipstick in the Shade 03 at only £1!! I have mentioned this brand before but I just can not rave enough about how good of quality this cheap brand is. This lipstick has lovely moisturising feel to it and doesnt dry out your lips. It is very pigmented and lasts. Definately a brand that is ok to buy one of every colour (well I think so) as to buy every colour is equivalated of buying ONE Estee Lauder lipstick.

Then Lastly is another Boots 17 (now known as seventeen) lipshine lipstick in a pale pink colour. Don't know the exact shade as it has worn off due to sooo much use but I will let you's know. This is again affordable and worth the money (especially when 3for2 is on!). It is a great everyday lipstick and feels nice and smooth.

That is all on the lippies so far, I hope you all liked the post. Make sure and let me know what your favourites are or any you would recommend.

My next post will be 'Whats in my makeup bag' so do stay tuned for that in the coming week.

Have a lovely weekend beauties & Make sure and share the love with your mums.

Natasha xx

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