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Thursday, 19 September 2013

I'm over here motivation!

Hey beauties!

Today's post is nothing to do with makeup at all but myself, my health & my weight! I have always been on the chunkier side since secondary school but never as big as I got once I went to Uni. Since I put on all the weight I have struggled to get it off. I had tried numerous diets and exercise regimes but always failed to keep them up. 

But this time I am not giving up nor do I want to. Yes I have my bad days (a lot more than i should) which is why I am writing this post. I have lately gone 'off the scales' (no pun intended) due to lacking in motivation & basically forgetting why I want to lose weight and why I started the diet. 

I am a member of the Slimming World group since February & love this "diet" because I feel as if i am not on a diet and that I can eat so much but not have to worry about controlling carbs or calories but control my diet through food optimising and judging when to stop eating by when my hunger is satisfied. 

Well as I said I had forgotten why I was at slimming world a couple of weeks ago and really lacked motivation to keep up with food optimising. I wasn't making disastrous choices but rather than have bread allowed by SW I was having white bread out of laziness because the white bread was sitting beside the toaster. I struggled to take myself out of this 'rut' I got myself into until I came across the following photo. 


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Birchbox UK September 2013

Hey Beauties!

My September BIRCHBOX arrived today & I be lying if I said I was looking forward to seeing inside. I have been subscribed now since February or March of this year & haven't received a box that I like or use everything inside it. One time I received a box with nothing I like in it! But this months box may have one me over & stopped me from unsubscribing. 

Each month I recieve a birchbox and a glossybox. And i just love this concept & feel as though its Christmas/birthday each month as I have a little gift box to unwrap. 

Inside each birchbox is a branded drawstring bag. These little bags are handy for storing jewellery etc and great for travelling. See below for one example of how I am using one of myprevious bag to hold my heated roller clips.
Another idea is to use them to hold cotton wool and it can then be left hanging on your bathroom door. 

There six products in this months box but I will only showing 5 as the 6th was a chocolate bar I gave away (I wish I kept it forum myself with a cuppa!). 

The products in this months box are as follows:

If I am to be honest it was this sample that has allowed me to keep faith in Birchbox. I have been wanting to try this for ages & so glad to have found this in this months box. My only problem with it is how tiny it is but least it's handbag sized & won't take up much room meaning extra room for lipstick! 

This is a pretty lipstick from Model co in the shade "Kitty". I would describe this as a bright nude. It is really wearable so I definately will be able to use this. 

I have not made my mind up on this sample yet. It is a body lotion from Molton Brown but I don't know if I'm a fan of the smell.

I will be giving this sample of Aromatherapy associates body gel because it states it will even out skin tone and texture and I like the sound of that. 

I am one of those girls that has lots of nail polishes but rarely paints her nails. I am trying lately to get better but I don't think I need any more polishes until I have got into the habit. But this still wouldn't stop me buying more! But god I hate this colour, I don't know if my mind is still in summer or what but I am not a fan of this blue. 

Are you a subscriber to Birchbox? How did you find your contents?

Natasha xx 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Interview: Nail technician (Professionail, L'Derry)

Emma, owner of Professionail Salon
 Hey Beauties

When I say I love everything beauty related, I meant EVERYTHING! Not only do I love to buy beauty products, review them, use & abuse; I also love to talk about beauty & learn little tips along the way. This obsession has not only brought me to this blog & my own hobbies/work it has also got me to want to learn more & find out more about all the beauty services and the idea of sharing my findings with everyone has brought me to doing this post.


Monday, 16 September 2013

50 "Faces" of Natasha

Hey Beauties!
Today I thought I would document what I "painted" my face with today. But not only will I being doing this today but as a little series. The clue is in the title. I plan to do face of the day posts at least once a week (possibly Mondays) and as you would guess, once I have done 50 of these it will be the end of the series. Each post will be a different look or similar looks with different products. The detail of the posts will vary but this week I am keeping things simple just introduce the series but the rest will give brief description of where each product was applied etc. Also I have now taken my makeup off and forgotten to take a picture of the look (Mega Blogger FAIL), but each post I do plan to show you the look. If you would like to take part in this series be sure to comment below and let me know & include my link to let others in on the fun :). 

The list of products that you can see from the picture above are as follows (And in the order that I used them):
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in "Nude"
Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' in "True Ivory"
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in "Light 2"
Arbonne Pressed Powder in "Light"
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
MAC Pain Pot in "Painterly"
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish in "Soft & Gentle" (on eyelids)
MAC 224 Eye brush
Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit (for eyebrows and outer 'v' of eyes)
Eco tools Angled brush
MAC 217 Eye brush
Givenchy mascara (sample)
Maybelline Smokey Collosal Mascara
Smashbox Blush Rush in "Radiance"
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Supernatural"

I stored all my makeup in a clear cosmetic bag from a set of 3 from Boots HERE.
So that is what is on my face today, a simple but effective look :)
Natasha xx


How to clean your Beauty Blender

Hey Beauties!
Todays post is on the famous & amazing beauty blender!
I have become obsessed with a sponge which is suprising considering I despised sponges until I tried the Beauty Blender. The beauty blender is loved by professionals and beauty enthusiasts for the flawless, airbrush finish that is achieved from using it. But anyways I will be talking more about the beauty blender in more detail in a separate review. The reason I hated sponges so much was due to them harvesting so much bacteria and being so hard to cleaner as there was basically no specific cleaner for sponges. But now Beauty blender isn't only a great sponge for the finish it gives you but because it has it own cleanser.
So this post I will be showing you 'how to clean your beauty blender'. I have heard a lot of bloggers and youtube gurus talk about how HARD the beauty blender is to clean when I can't see how. And this post will prove it. Ok I can see how it probably could be if you don't wash it for a long time or if you are expecting dirty marks to be gone after the first wash (it's not gonna happen).
To clean you sponge you don't need a whole lot of things to this which is another joy of this. All you need is your beauty blender and the beauty blender cleanser.
Follow the following steps to clean your Beauty Blender:
1. Obviously you have to get your dirty sponge
2. Now dampen your sponge by placing it under a running tap, squeezing it as you do so that it expands to its final size. Once the sponge is at its full size, squeeze out the excess water.
 3. Press on the outer rim of the top of bottle (the pump) to bring the cleanser to the top. It goes without saying if your cleanser is not in the pump bottle then just pour the cleanser on the sponge.
The above picture shows the cleanser in the rim. One pump will be enough.
4. Dip your damp beauty blender into the cleanser. I try to distribute the cleanser evenly over the sponge so dipping the top, the bottom and the sides into the cleanser. Even though the cleanser will lather no matter where its put I find it's a bit easier on the sponge so you are not excessively squeezing it to bring it to a lather.
5. Once you have the cleanser on your sponge, rub the sponge and squeeze it to bring it to a lather. Obviously you don't need to be rough with the sponge and it should lather easily, if not apply more cleanser or re-dampen the sponge.

6. Now rinse your sponge under a running tap, squeezing the sponge as you do. Once the cleanser is all rinsed out just sqeeze the excess water out of the sponge.
7. Now inspect the sponge to ensure that it is clean and that there is no marks or stains left.
8. If like me and after the first wash you still have makeup or marks/stains on the sponge then it is just a matter of repeating the previous steps (Steps 3-6 in particular).

9. Now after the second wash inspect the sponge to see if it is now clean.
10. Now you have your clean sponge place it in the holder provided to allow it to dry out.
So girls as you can see it is as easy as that to clean your beauty blender. It is quick and easy. And if your sponge isn't clean after the first wash then clean it again.
Have you tried the beauty blender sponge? How do you clean yours?
Natasha xx

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Boots Haul #1

Hey Beauties!
Why it has taken me this long to do a Boots Haul I do not know because I never seem to leave the place (ask my boyfriend!). I can NOT for the life of me pass a boots or superdrug or a chemist for that matter! I am just amazed by the amount of beauty products under one roof that I just want to live there, even though it probably be even better to live in a Debenhams (Helloooo, MAC?!).
Ok so I did one of my regular visits to my beloved Boots and decided this time I will actually document what I picked up. I spent over £80 so there is a lot here, and may I add I only went in for cotton wool pads.
(Disclaimer: I worked hard in earning my money so I can spend it ALL on what I want ;) and I just happened to spend it all on Beauty products mostly!)

I got the cotton wool I originally went in for and they were on offer ‘Buy One get One Half Price’. I love these cotton pads because they have the side for lotions, so your cleasers, and a lint free side for liquids, like your toners and nail polish remover.

I also needed more face wipes which are so handy to have in my makeup kit and to help remove stubborn makeup. These were also on offer for 3 for £3.

I have featured Collection’s last perfection concealer in a monthly favourites post and that hasn’t changed. This is one of my favourite concealers out there and is a bargain in my eyes for under £5. I love it so much so that I had to pick it up in two other shades. Im hoping these darker shades will be perfect for when I am tan.

I have heard so much about this under eye concealer and saying lately I have become obsessed with covering the under eye area, I just thought it be worth a try. This is Maybelline’s Eye Eraser & was about £8.

Revlon had a 2 for £10 offer on all lips and nail products. So I picked up a lipgloss in ‘Super Natural’ after I seen Anchal’s video on Daily Mix and also picked up a Lipstick in ‘Fire & Ice’ which is a lovely colour.

I love the Real Technique brushes from Sam Chapman and own double sets of the core collection and starter set as well as now owning all their individual brushes. I already owned the expert face brush but wanted a second because I love it for foundation and contouring and wanted two separate ones. I hadn’t owned the shading brush so had to get it to complete my collection. These were also on offer for ‘Buy one get on half price’ at Boots.

Going with the undereye concealer theme, I heard a lot talk about this one and once I heard Pixiwoo mention it I had to get it. It was reduced to about £6 as well!

I have run out of my mitchum deodorant so picked up another bottle. This is a brilliant deodorant and was on offer for £2.
This Micellar water from L’Oreal is apparently a Dupe for Bioderma so of course I had to try it for myself. This was also on offer for about £3.

Since Maybelline Released their Baby Lips in the UK I have wanted them ALL. Since they are only £2.99 and on 3for2 offer I had planned to do that but there was only 5 available so I picked up three for now.

I also picked up these shadow pencils from Boots for £2.50 each and they truly are amazing & I want to go back and get the rest!
Thats all I got from Boots but I also stopped at superdrug to pick up nail polish remover and got a view MUA goodies too.

I picked up the lip trio for £1.50 so I look forward to trying that bargain and I picked up a clear mascara for £1 and I’m planning to try it for set my eyebrow, fingers crossed.

Have you been shopping in Boots lately, What did you pick up?

Natasha xx

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