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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Liebster Award

Hey Beauties!
On Sunday the beautiful Rebecca from Flores y Moda for the 'Liebster Award'. If you don't know what the Liebster award is, it is just a way of letting others discover & connect with bloggers. It works by you being nominated to then nominating other bloggers, you answer the questions you were asked & then you ask some questions for your nominees. I think this is a great chance for bloggers to help each other out & to get to know each other more. I am really flattered to be nominated for this so thank you Rebecca for nominating me. 

There are 5 little rules to follow once you are nominated these are:
1. Answer the 11 questions you were asked
2. Nominate 11 more blogs 
3. Ask 11 new questions for your nominees to answer
4. Then let those who you nominated know that you tagged them.
5. No tagging the person who nominated you back.
Easy Peasy!

Here are the questions I was asked by Rebecca & my responses:
1. What is your favourite drugstore/high street beauty brand?
I love all the high street beauty brands & buy particular products from each brand. But my favourite would have to be RIMMEL because they are pretty much good for everything & you could buy your whole makeup look from them if you wanted too. I love their wake me up foundation & their kate moss lipsticks.
2. What is your all time favourite lip product?
Oh god I have so many! For lipstick if would have to be my estee lauder crystal baby or MAC Ruby Woo. Both great quality & very versatile. For lip balm it would have to be Aloe Forever lip balm, its not a popular brand but is made from natural ingredients & is one of the best working lip balms for me.
3. Topshop or River Island?
If I had to choose it would have to be River Island, although I do really like Topshop. But I tend to go straight to River Island before Topshop when I’m out shopping. For me it’s more river island for the outfit & Topshop for the accessories.
4. Which classic makeup look is your favourite?
Definitely a red lip! I just love a red lip, be it matte or glossy finish. I just think it can add so much to a look. It can dress up a casual outfit or be the perfect finishing touch to a glamorous look. It is definitely my go to look for a special occasion.
5. Would you rather live without hairdryer and straighteners or makeup?
That’s easy! Live without hairdryer and straighteners. I have naturally curly hair so I get away with not using these sometimes. I find that if you have a great flawless look with a messy top knot bun you are good to go and is a great look for both day & night. My hair would love me too without all that heat!
6. Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration would have to be my family especially my parents, they are very hard working & have taught me a lot like you have to work to get what you want. They are all so supportive in what I do & only want me to be happy. (Cheesy I know!) In terms of blogging it would have to be louise from sprinkle of glitter, she has shown me that it doesn’t matter what you look like or what size you are you can do what you want & forget what anyone else has to say. Because of her & pixiwoo I started this blog.
7. What is your life ambition?
I would love to be as successful as Pixiwoo, zoella etc with my blog. But my life ambition is to be healthy & successful in no matter what I do be it blogging or makeup or quantity surveying but hopefully ALL of those.
8. Which beauty product would you describe as your summer essential? 
BB creams & tinted moisturisers. Since the weather has got sunnier I have been using these more with a bit of concealer for the areas that need more coverage. I am loving Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser for this, only recently started using it and already I’m obssessed.
9. Have you ever had a crazy hairstyle? 
Yes! When I was like 13 years old I convinced my parents to allow me to get my hair dyed. Being so young they said I could have a little bit down which turned out to be just the front sides of my hair. So I had these two chunks of hair dyed at the front which I liked to keep down when my hair was tied up. It was hideous! I have it died bright red & then another time blonde! I didn’t keep those bits down & tied my hair completely up I used to look like a skunk. Never again! What I would give to be young & carefree again LOL.
10. Which blogger would you love to meet in real life?
As I have been lucky enough to already have met Fleur from FleurdeForce & Louise from Sprinkleofglitter at IMATS, I would love to meet Tanya Burr & Zoe from Zoella. They are my favourite bloggers of all time & it would be great to get the chance to meet all of them.
11. Finally, what's your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is being able to talk non-stop about beauty products & things that I love without the fear of someone being fed up or bored of hearing about them. Also the satisfaction/sense of achievement I get when I see an extra follower or higher pageviews from the day before, just lets me know that it’s not a waste of time.
My Nominees
Here are the 11 bloggers that I nominate:
Chrissy Anne Haul-oholic
Laura from Love and Liquor
Lousie from LouLovesBeauty
Kirstie from A yellow Brick Blog
Sophie from A hint of sparkle
Danielle from The Imperfect Beauty
My Questions
Here are the 11 questions for my nominees:
1.      Why did you start blogging?
2.      What is your ultimate goal for your blog?
3.      What is your top 5 beauty products of all time?
4.      Which do you prefer Matte or Glossy Lips?
5.      Which do you prefer Straight or Curly hair?
6.      What is your go to makeup brand?
7.      What is your go to eye look?
8.      Which do you prefer matte or dewy foundation finish?
9.      If you had the chance to meet or do a celebrities makeup, who would that be?
10. Do you religiously stick to a skincare routine?
11. What are your plans for summer?
I just loved this little post & thanks again Rebecca for nominating me!
Hope you all have a great day
Natasha xx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Product Review: TBS Hemp Hand Cream

Hey Beauties,
This may be an oldie/well established product in the industry but it is my favourite all the same. And why not share your favourites? After all, it's the whole blogging point isn't it?
This is The Body Shop (TBS) Hemp hand protectant from their popular Hemp range and is one of their best selling products. It is made from the seed oil of Hemp plants grown in England. Reading through the ingredients list you will see 'Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil' but do not be alarmed & think WOAH that stuff is illegal, because it is not. Yes there is parts of the plant that this seed oil comes from that is used for the Class B drug but most of the plant is actually used to make many things and is legal. And in no way is the illegal part contained in this product so don't worry & definitely don't be sending the police down to your local TBS store, you will be just wasting their time.
Although this product contains what some would call a "controversial" ingredient, as HEMP seed oil, if it didn't contain this oil it wouldn't be the great product that it is.
TBS claim that this product softens & protects the hands, relieving very dry skin & restoring moisture and suppleness. And that it does!

The cream has a green tint & is scented (not of cannabis) which I can't figure out how to describe but it's not one that bothers me but generally scents don't bother me. For those who tend to be sensitive to smells this may bother you but it shouldn't considering it is subtle.
I apply a generous amount of this on my hands and massage into the whole hand up to and stopping at my wrists, paying more attention to my knuckles and cuticles. This does take a while to sink in & you will feel it on your hands for a while and they do tend to be quite "slippy". So I apply this just before bed to allow it to work over night and to stop the "slippy" feeling from bothering me. DO NOT try and open anything with this on, its just not going to happen. Otherwise invest in those white cotton moisture gloves and you are good to go about opening stuff etc. but I wouldn't recommend leaving the house with them on! Not a good look.
My Opinion
 As I said I am a big fan of this product and do use it regularly at night but it is a shame I cant use it during the day but if I want the results it gives me, I am happy to stick to applying it at night. This leaves my skin feeling really soft & moisturised but slightly slimy which doesn't bother me while I'm sleeping.
 Pros: Great product; leaves skin smooth & feels soft for hours after I wake up.
Cons: The smell may bother some people & the length of time it takes to seep into the skin can be restrictive in what you do.
In general this is a great treatment for keeping your hands soft. It costs £5 for 30ml or £10 for 100ml from HERE, so it would be better to buy the 100ml to save in costs & will last longer. TBS usually always have offers on & sometimes do the 100ml for £5, so do keep an eye out on the website OR sign up by email to stay up to date on offers. Also if you don't already own the 'Love your Body' loyalty card that they have, go get it & save on top of savings. BARGAINS galore.
 What's your opinion of this product?
 Natasha xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wishlist #2

Hey Beauties,
I have a list of things that I want/would love to own, probably the height of me (5ft3"), but if I had to choose my top 5 it would have to be the following:
1. Zara Office City bag
2. NARS Sheer Glow
3. Estée Lauder Cello Shots
4. Diorskin Nude BB Cream
5. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (Bronze universel)
Do you own or want any of the above?
What's in your wish list?
Natasha xx


Friday, 5 July 2013

Product Review: L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Hey Beauties,
This post will be all about my little secret to faking flawless skin on lazy days. It is one of those products that give flawless skin in seconds! Since the release of BB creams I have been enjoying trying out the different kinds that are available out there from various brands but this one so far has been the one I keep going back to & repurchasing.
I am a BIG fan of this version, so much so my boyfriend bought me THREE tubes as a little stocking filler at Christmas AND I even have my Mum loving it too.
I assume everyone who is anyone & their neighbour now knows what BB creams are since they are one of the most talked about products & now the CC creams have been released & the 'soon to be released' DD creams.
This BB cream is from L'Oreal and is called Nude Magique BB Cream & is in the shade for Light skin tone. This product is one of my favourites that provides just what I need from this type of product. I do love BB creams in general especially one like this that transforms at your fingertips.
What do I mean by 'Transform at my fingertips' you may be asking yourself. Well this little godsend is a nifty little creation that comes out white/grey colour & on contact with skin (as you apply it) it transforms into a foundation or if you like a medium coverage tinted moisturiser. I'm all into little gimmicks like that & even more when they work!
Why or how does it transform from white to foundation? Well there are tiny little 'micro-pigment capsules' that are within a hydrator (the white/grey cream) & as you apply to skin you burst those little beads.
If like me you freak out at the thought of something that has colour bursting in your face, then don't panic. It is not like a paint ball that bursts and leave coloured blotches everywhere. No when you rub this in you can barely feel the little beads, but as you do they burst & 'self adjust' to your skin.
This can be applied using a brush or your fingertips. Personally I prefer using my fingers to apply this as it ensures all the little beads are burst & its a lot faster. Depending on my skin that day or on the desired look I something were just the one layer or even 2/3 layers. It is the perfect product for building up the coverage but still allowing you skin to breath & not feel or look cakey. It leaves a nice glow & youthful finish. I love this on as a makeup base also on those days I want a heavier makeup look & for nights out/weddings to give that extreme flawless look. Above you can see what it looks like while your rubbing it in & the capsules begin to burst and below you can see the natural/subtle flawless finish it leaves once completely rubbed in.

This feels really light in touch & slightly moisturising, you can feel the little beads on the skin as you rub it in but it is minor & doesn't bother me. The beads feel nowhere near as those in a scrub/exfoliator but like teeny tiny little water capsules.
My Thoughts
L'Oreal called it 'a breakthrough in BB technology' -it's a different take on the general tinted/'colour its going to be' BB creams, I have to give them that, but even though I love it & its my go to BB cream I'm not convinced it's the top contender in the BB technology.
Having said that I am yet to find the perfect/best bb cream out there, so I will be sticking with this one. Or maybe it's time for me to move on to the CC creams & soon to be DD creams. Ok if you insist, I'll add something else to my wish list. Didn't take much persuading (if any!). 
Is it just me or is all these creams running off a bra size chart?

Pros : Great product that feels great on the skin, provides coverage, looks natural & not to mention SPF so protects as well as perfects! Makes a perfect makeup base to even out the skin or also great on its own. I personally think its great for all skin types & tones & even on ages skin.
Cons: For me there is no problems but I can see how there would be for some people. As some may not like the feel of the little capsules on the skin but once you just rub it in & they are gone. It can also be quite runny so it does tend to come out to fast & can get messy.

Overall I would recommend this product & believe it is worth a try amongst all the other creams.

Where to Buy
This can be bought basically anywhere that sells L'Oreal Paris products for under £10. I get mines from boots (Here) & they usually have great offers for me to stock up.
 Have you tried this product?
Are you a big fan of Alphabet creams (BB/CC/DD creams)?
Natasha xx

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