By Natasha Keating

Friday, 5 July 2013

Product Review: L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Hey Beauties,
This post will be all about my little secret to faking flawless skin on lazy days. It is one of those products that give flawless skin in seconds! Since the release of BB creams I have been enjoying trying out the different kinds that are available out there from various brands but this one so far has been the one I keep going back to & repurchasing.
I am a BIG fan of this version, so much so my boyfriend bought me THREE tubes as a little stocking filler at Christmas AND I even have my Mum loving it too.
I assume everyone who is anyone & their neighbour now knows what BB creams are since they are one of the most talked about products & now the CC creams have been released & the 'soon to be released' DD creams.
This BB cream is from L'Oreal and is called Nude Magique BB Cream & is in the shade for Light skin tone. This product is one of my favourites that provides just what I need from this type of product. I do love BB creams in general especially one like this that transforms at your fingertips.
What do I mean by 'Transform at my fingertips' you may be asking yourself. Well this little godsend is a nifty little creation that comes out white/grey colour & on contact with skin (as you apply it) it transforms into a foundation or if you like a medium coverage tinted moisturiser. I'm all into little gimmicks like that & even more when they work!
Why or how does it transform from white to foundation? Well there are tiny little 'micro-pigment capsules' that are within a hydrator (the white/grey cream) & as you apply to skin you burst those little beads.
If like me you freak out at the thought of something that has colour bursting in your face, then don't panic. It is not like a paint ball that bursts and leave coloured blotches everywhere. No when you rub this in you can barely feel the little beads, but as you do they burst & 'self adjust' to your skin.
This can be applied using a brush or your fingertips. Personally I prefer using my fingers to apply this as it ensures all the little beads are burst & its a lot faster. Depending on my skin that day or on the desired look I something were just the one layer or even 2/3 layers. It is the perfect product for building up the coverage but still allowing you skin to breath & not feel or look cakey. It leaves a nice glow & youthful finish. I love this on as a makeup base also on those days I want a heavier makeup look & for nights out/weddings to give that extreme flawless look. Above you can see what it looks like while your rubbing it in & the capsules begin to burst and below you can see the natural/subtle flawless finish it leaves once completely rubbed in.

This feels really light in touch & slightly moisturising, you can feel the little beads on the skin as you rub it in but it is minor & doesn't bother me. The beads feel nowhere near as those in a scrub/exfoliator but like teeny tiny little water capsules.
My Thoughts
L'Oreal called it 'a breakthrough in BB technology' -it's a different take on the general tinted/'colour its going to be' BB creams, I have to give them that, but even though I love it & its my go to BB cream I'm not convinced it's the top contender in the BB technology.
Having said that I am yet to find the perfect/best bb cream out there, so I will be sticking with this one. Or maybe it's time for me to move on to the CC creams & soon to be DD creams. Ok if you insist, I'll add something else to my wish list. Didn't take much persuading (if any!). 
Is it just me or is all these creams running off a bra size chart?

Pros : Great product that feels great on the skin, provides coverage, looks natural & not to mention SPF so protects as well as perfects! Makes a perfect makeup base to even out the skin or also great on its own. I personally think its great for all skin types & tones & even on ages skin.
Cons: For me there is no problems but I can see how there would be for some people. As some may not like the feel of the little capsules on the skin but once you just rub it in & they are gone. It can also be quite runny so it does tend to come out to fast & can get messy.

Overall I would recommend this product & believe it is worth a try amongst all the other creams.

Where to Buy
This can be bought basically anywhere that sells L'Oreal Paris products for under £10. I get mines from boots (Here) & they usually have great offers for me to stock up.
 Have you tried this product?
Are you a big fan of Alphabet creams (BB/CC/DD creams)?
Natasha xx


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