By Natasha Keating

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Make Up Academy

Hi again beauties,

As I promised to tell you's all of a cheaper alternative to the naked palettes. After going to a makeup course recently they had a few eyeshadow palettes of MUA from Superdrug. There are some great colours in these palettes and wats even better is that there only £4! You can see from the picture the ones I now have.

There is one one palette out of the called 'undressed' which was reduced to £3 and is very similar to the colours in Naked palettes as ye can also see in the picture of the MUA and naked 1 palette.

While I was getting the palettes I bought couple of their lipsticks not knowing what to expect saying they are for only £1! But they are amazing! The colours are great, they last ages on the lips and they don't feel lip your usual cheap brand. I love the bright pink one I got you can see the colour in the picture which honestly doesn't do it justice.

Will definitely be doing more on this brand as I got a bronzer from them too which was only £3 & is massive!

Now this brand is definitely what you's all need in your stocking this year!



Sunday, 16 December 2012

Smokey Eyes

Heya Beauties,

Sorry I have been neglecting you all but I have some treats for you all & all within a double post!
This post will be on the best palettes out there to create that perfect smokey eye which never gets old & perfect for all the nights out & celebrations you all be having over the next couple of weeks. Well... In my opinion the must have palettes for smokey eyes are the popular Urban Decay Naked palettes. I own both Naked 1 & Naked 2 and basically take it everywhere with me for doing my own makeup and for doing others makeup too. Below you can see the palettes:


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bargain Essentials

This one is for all the girls & maybe those guys that want to get there girlfriend a wee treat.
This post is about a recent bargain I got from Ebay. For ages I have been searching for a good set of makeup brushes but for a reasonable price and quality. I think everyone should own a set of brushes as the are essential for applying your make up and of course for experimenting with new styles. I found a set of 32 brushes being sold from hong kong, I have to admit I felt a bit iffy about what they were going to turn out like but decided to go ahead as there was bound to be at least 10 brushes you could use.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog. I am soo excited to be starting this blog, been considering for a long time now after a few suggested it. I am a big fan of blogs and do tend to religously read them to help keep on top of the new products available and ones I dont have as you can never have a enough. Well thats my excuse anyway. I cant wait to share with everyone some of the recent products I bought and I will be posting about them hopefully tonight or tomorrow.
Is everyone sorted for halloween? Well I thought I was after ordering it online until it was delivered. Talk about being disgusted. Its really not that bad though, as I'm still using parts of it but making some changes and buying new stuff too. But I'll save all the details for another post.
I have so much exciting stuff to share all within the coming weeks but do please bare with me as I am new to this and still in the middle of setting things up and getting videos and pictures together.
Chat soon beauties xx
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