By Natasha Keating

Monday, 9 June 2014

May Favourites 2014

Well hello there stranger J

Fancy seeing you here, seeing me blogging. Eh?

First of all can we just take a second to step back, breath & consider that it is now JUNE. Yes! We are half way through this year already. Yikes!

Ok let’s deal with the elephant in the room first of all… Yes I have been slacking a LOT! I did say I would do a catch up post explaining why etc and I had every intention to but when it came to writing it down I soon realised I’m not willing or should I say ready to share or put it in black & white for me to see. I was never going to go into detail or share everything but just brief all on my absence, generally. Now let’s shut up, move on and get into the more fun stuff… May Favourites.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Getting back to blogging

Hello there strangers.

Long time no see/blog would be an understatement. Many reasons for my absence which I will eventually tell of (most of them anyways). 

Just giving a quick little post to let you all know I'm still here but behind this blog I do have a life & a lot has been going on and a lot has changed. I'm finishing final year of uni soon meaning a lot more free time so plenty of time to blog!

I look forward to getting back & I'm back with more experience (especially life experience :( ) AND lighter hair!! 

Speak soon lovelies

Natasha xx
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