By Natasha Keating

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Genie Straighteners

Hi girls,

I hope you had an amazing christmas break, welcome to 2013 beauties! What better way to start a new year than a few bargains!

For a while now I have been searching for a good wide plate straightener. I know ghds have a wide plate but I have the standard sized ones already.

The reason I wanted the wide plate straightener to start with was because when I got my weave in the fella putting them in used a wide plate straighteners to curl them.

After I asked I found out it was the genie straighteners he used which are sold by Sally's or also known as Salon Services.

Well of course as soon as I left the salon I was on Sally's site searching for these. I found them at £39.99 which isn't bad but the hairdresser had said he had got them for like £10 so I wasn't prepared to pay more.

This was back in November when I first search and eventually given up until now. I regularly check Sally's site to check deals and one deal I came across last week was the genie straighteners at £9.50!

I just received them today and I am just soo excited to use them. They were altogether incl. p&p £15 of course a bargain! They are also available in the standard plate size and are available in pink & black.

As of yet I don't have my Sally's card so they are even cheaper with a Sally's card. As far as I know the Sally's in Derry don't have these in stock so you would have to buy them online.

I will be doing a video on how to curl your hair with the wide plate straightener once I get use to them ha.

The website for non Sally card holders is:

And for the Sally card holders just go on the salon services site.

Here's a few pictures of these straighteners, as you can see they do look similar to GHDs.

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