By Natasha Keating

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bargain Essentials

This one is for all the girls & maybe those guys that want to get there girlfriend a wee treat.
This post is about a recent bargain I got from Ebay. For ages I have been searching for a good set of makeup brushes but for a reasonable price and quality. I think everyone should own a set of brushes as the are essential for applying your make up and of course for experimenting with new styles. I found a set of 32 brushes being sold from hong kong, I have to admit I felt a bit iffy about what they were going to turn out like but decided to go ahead as there was bound to be at least 10 brushes you could use.

This set was only £8 and didn’t mention that it had anything printed on them or anything and the images just showed black handles but when I received these yesterday I was so surprised to see MAC printed on the brush roll and to add to that all the handles of the brushes have MAC printed on them too.

Now I know there definitely not the real MAC brushes but it’s good to pretend. These brushes are really good value, they wouldn’t be the best brushes out there but are a perfect set for everyday use on yourself. These would definitely not be for professionals to use on lots of clients.

Girls you’d be mad not to snap up this bargain, it’s the perfect treat to add to your make up bag or would make the perfect gift for someone at Christmas.

Click on this link to bring you straight to the set I bought:

Let me know if you's get them & also if you have any recent bargain beauty finds do please to feel free to share with us all. As every girl deserves to feel beautiful without having to break the bank xx

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