By Natasha Keating

Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday's Favourites: TV Boxsets

Hey beauties!

It's that time again. This week I will be sharing all my favourite TV Boxsets. I love a good Boxsets and watch them every night before I sleep so you can imagine I am running out of ones to watch. At the minute I have only US TV Boxsets. I just love America and its TV programmes!

Without further delay, my favourites.

In no particular order....

1. Friends

2. Big Bang Theory

3. Gossip Girl

4. Gilmore Girls

So far I have the full collection of all the above and have nearly watched them all TWICE! I have began looking into more Boxsets and decided to buy Ugly Betty. I have seen lot of them on TV and decided and I wana watch them all.

For Valentines day my BF got me the sixth season to One Tree Hill. I have never watched any of them never mind own season 1! When I asked him why buy the sixth season he said "what do you mean? Is that not all six seasons" LOL so funny.

So I am gonna buy the other seasons of one tree hill too :)

Hope you liked this post. Have a great weekend! Hope the Easter Bunny drops by. Happy Easter!

Natasha xx

P.S sorry for being a day late but it wouldn't let me upload this post yesterday :( better late than never. Right?

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