By Natasha Keating

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

HD Brows!

Hey Beauties,

Two weeks ago I went & got my HD brows done. Between waiting on an appointment & trying to grow them without giving up I was delighted, to say the least, to have them done. If you are not sure what HD brows are, they are basically more defined perfect shaped brows which gives you the brow specific to your taste and face shape. See the image below outlining how the perfect brow should look:

‘A’shows you where your eyebrow should begin
‘B’shows you where your eyebrow should arch
‘C’shows you where your eyebrow should end
These eyebrows have received so much press due to popularity of this treatment by celebrities, makeup artists and of course all beauty & fashionistas out there.
I first heard of them through a friend after I complimented her on very strong structured brows. They really lifted her eyes and structured her face. So off I went thinking I could just pop into my regular salon to get my eyebrows done but ask for HD brows. Luckily before I went to the Salon and lay on the bed and said ‘HD brows please’ I discovered the HD brow was actually a brand of brow designing only available in few salons.

HD brows involves a bit of 'all in one' treatment as it includes everything that can be done to a brow. There is waxing, tweezing, tinting, threading and more. Watch the video below which shows the 7 steps taken to achieve the brow. I recommend watching the video before you go just to give you a taster of what to expect and so you are not going in there clueless.

The cost of the treatment tends to be around £25 and £15 for a top up treatment every 5-6 weeks. Before you can get these brows you have to have about 6 weeks growth on them so yes that means not touching them at all (this is the part I found hardest). As I said before HD brows are a brand and they do sell products for the aftercare and to allow you to always have the HD brow look. The have eyebrow palettes to fill in the brows, brow pencils and growth enhancers for those that need some hair growth in certain areas to get the perfect brow. Below you will see my before and after picture:

As you can see from my picture there is some difference and I definately happy with them and will definately will be getting them done again. The only downside of these eyebrows is the price which was also the reason I havent had them done sooner as I couldnt justify paying nearly £30 to get my eyebrows done. But I definately wouldnt look back now and considering it is only £25 the first time and £15 the rest of times it is very reasonable for the amount of work and time that goes into achieving them. I haven't as of yet bought any of the products but the next time I go I think I might just do so as I have read so many reviews and seen people using them so they must be good. So I will let yous all know what I buy and what I think of them.
If you are considering these brows definately watch the above video and go check out there site HERE to know what to expect and use the little locator tool to find one near you.
Hope you all liked this post make sure and let me know what you think in the comments below and let me know have had these brows done or are having them done. Also don't forget to follow this blog and tweet me you pics of your brows. Check out the pages tabs above too where I have answered questions and put my contact information.
Chat soon Beauties,
Natasha xx


  1. This looks brilliant, I've seen these guys in House of fraser but never been brave enough to try it, I might have to take the leap and give it a go!

    Lovely blog by the way, I'm now following you on Google follows :)

    If you fancy stopping by to say hey I'm over at


  2. wow, your brows look so lovely! I need to do this! xo

    1. Thanks Lauren! It definately made a difference :)! I would highly recommend this treatment.

      Love your blog :) x

  3. Wow fantastic! I have blonde eyebrows so might be worth doing it!

    Thanks for following my blog ...I shall follow back.


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