By Natasha Keating

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I'm over here motivation!

Hey beauties!

Today's post is nothing to do with makeup at all but myself, my health & my weight! I have always been on the chunkier side since secondary school but never as big as I got once I went to Uni. Since I put on all the weight I have struggled to get it off. I had tried numerous diets and exercise regimes but always failed to keep them up. 

But this time I am not giving up nor do I want to. Yes I have my bad days (a lot more than i should) which is why I am writing this post. I have lately gone 'off the scales' (no pun intended) due to lacking in motivation & basically forgetting why I want to lose weight and why I started the diet. 

I am a member of the Slimming World group since February & love this "diet" because I feel as if i am not on a diet and that I can eat so much but not have to worry about controlling carbs or calories but control my diet through food optimising and judging when to stop eating by when my hunger is satisfied. 

Well as I said I had forgotten why I was at slimming world a couple of weeks ago and really lacked motivation to keep up with food optimising. I wasn't making disastrous choices but rather than have bread allowed by SW I was having white bread out of laziness because the white bread was sitting beside the toaster. I struggled to take myself out of this 'rut' I got myself into until I came across the following photo. 

The picture on the left was me on the Saturday before I started slimming world and on the right was me for a night out, TWO months after joining slimming world. I never noticed the weight off myself prior to comparing these photos even though I had numerous compliments and people telling me that they could really see it. I did the above picture a couple of months ago because a friend did it and said it allowed her to put into her head that it was worth it by allowing her to see that it was working. 

So I did it for myself and was shocked at what I saw and i was actually proud of myself. I was so pleased to see that not only the numbers on the scales were getting lower but I was Getting thinner. This photo then really allowed me to see it was working and motivated me to keep going. So when I seen this again last week when going through my phone, months since making it, it gave me the kick up the back side I needed & motivated me to get back on track. 

I went back to basics and started off like week 1 and made sure to never allow myself to feel deprived. I treated my self to cup of tea and curly Wurly or a low syn dessert to keep me from feeling deprived. And after this weeks weigh in I lost 2 & a half pound. Woohoo!

So it goes to show we can all do it once we put our mind to it and get that kick up the back side we need. Stop waiting around for Mr Motivator to come knocking because he will never come, it's up to you to go get that motivation. So if you are in a position like I was in February feeling fed up with living in leggings and wanting to be able to grab anything from ur wardrobe and it fitting, then try slimming world or just watch what u eat or incorporate more walking in your lifestyle and after a couple of weeks try the comparison photo like I did. Or try what i did at the beginning of my journey and my motivation was pair of jeans from Primark in a smaller size, they were nothing special but it was the matter that I wanted to get into that size. They were no size 8 but the were a size smaller. I fitted into those after a month and the feeling was indescribable and dancing around in those smaller jeans I felt a million dollars!

I hope you find your motivation like I did....

Natasha xx



  1. This post came at such a good time for me, I've been really struggling with motivation lately I'm going through some medical stuff at the moment and its leaving me feeling drained. Its not just about the weight but I have never weighed as much as I do right now, and I'm about to go on my Honeymoon in a month and ugh, swimwear!

    I think I've been using my medical lark as a bit of an excuse to not do things, to make lazy dinners, to sit and snack on the sofa and not to go out with hubby and walk the dog.

    Fingers crossed I'll find it soon. You look absolutely wonderful by the way, I would be so happy to see that level of change in myself over six months I couldn't believe you did this in just over two!

    Keep at it, you look fantastic!

  2. This is amazing! We'll done xox


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