By Natasha Keating

Monday, 19 August 2013

My Personalised Phone Cover

Sourced from own instagram

 Hey Beauties!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will have seen the picture I posted a couple of weeks ago of my new Phone cover, I had a people ask where I got it from so I thought I would do a little post to let you all know where to get yourself one.

I got the cover from Pastel Charms which can be found on Facebook (HERE)  or they also have there on website (HERE).

 I came across this company through my auntie who recommended I check them out after she seen one someone else had got from them. I had a look on their facebook & was in complete awe, there was so many & they were all so sparkly. I instantly fell in love! I messaged them on facebook & asked would it be possible to get a makeup themed cover (obviously) and they said they would play around which charms & get back to me.

Source: sent from Pastel Charms
No joke 2 hours later she had got back to me with what she had came up with. Look at  how cute  they are!
 After I had said what colours etc I wanted, I sent my details & made my payment via Paypal. And within days they had go back to me with what my cover looked like & to let me know it was ready for postage.
Source: sent from Pastel Charms

Source: sent from Pastel Charms

I am so happy with this cover & just love how it is personalised to what I want & love how much sparkles is on it. I couldn't have received any better of a service which was super speedy. Considering the amount of time & effort that it would have taken to create the charms, stamp the clay & add all the sparkles to this cover I am amazed at how fast I received this. The cover cost a total of £12 including postage & packaging (to Northern Ireland). Its not your regular boring cover & completely tailored to you so it is great value for money for the time, quality & uniqueness of this cover.
 This is honestly a great company to have used.

 Will you be getting yourself a personalised cover?

Natasha xx


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