By Natasha Keating

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Favourite Beauty Products - Shopcade list*

Hey beauties!

 Today I have a little post of the products that I recommend and cant live without throughout the summer months. I know I live in Northern Ireland were the weather isn't like your typical LA summer weather but this summer has been the best we have had in years. I also just like to wear brighter colour when its "summer" to give me that summery feel when its not & because bright, bold colours look better in the sunshine & with a tan.

So with the summer comes hot weather meaning skin dries out, hair dries out & lips dry out, so we tend to be more religious in our moisturising. So I tend to use more body butters from TBS, lip balms & I also use more body scrubs to smooth out skin.
Also as the sun makes an appearance so does the SPF or higher SPF in some peoples cases but for me its the only time I use an actually sunscreen. Ooopps! I also use moisturisers & makeup with little SPF for day time but come summer I always ensure I have a HIGH SPF on my face, because lets face it Who wants wrinkles?!
 In terms of makeup I go for the lighter, more glowy and natural look. I tend to opt more for tinted moisturisers for the lighter coverage & bronzers to add colour or to emphasise any colour I have. For lips I have been opting for lip tints & balms like cubby sticks and lip crayons. I also go for waterproof mascara to avoid panda eyes while at the beach or generally due to the warm weather.
 As the sun comes out we obviously go for the shorts & skirts & flip flops so I always add a bit of false tan to the legs to make it less daunting to flaunt my pale winter legs & I always have my nails and toenails painted. I again usually opt more for the bold colours on my nails in the summer months.
Shopcade shopping app

There is a great site/app called Shopcade, which you can find HERE, that has a HUGE selection of products from beauty/fashion to food all in the one place. It allows you to add the products you love or want to lists & lets you know when those products are on offer or there is a deal available. It also allows you to be redirected to buy the product at usually the BEST price. It is also available as an app so it is even easier to create these lists on the go! Now this is my kind of site! I love to make lists & I love a good deal so WINNER in my eyes.
 I have made a list of all my favourite beauty products for summer, as those I have mentioned above, that you can find at the end of this post which will allow you to see all of these products and even go straight to buying them. All the products in the list is only the products that I would recommend & the variety that I love from each product. They are all products that I use and have been using throughout summer.

What are your summer favourites/must-haves?
 Have you ever heard of or uses Shopcade?
Natasha xx

*This is post is a competition entry for a Shopcade competition as above

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