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Friday, 31 May 2013

Boots/Drugstore Wishlist


Hey girls!
As like many of you, I am addicted to reading beauty blogs and watching beauty YouTube videos, which I do enjoy but there is a downfall to doing so. And when I say downfall, I personally think it is more a perk. This being that they tend to mention products that they like, that are good etc & you may not have these so therefore end up buying them too. Anything for a bit of shopping & more beauty products is what I say!

Sadly we couldn't possibily have everything we want -unless we were billionaires! I am no millionaire but when I see beauty products I want them straight away. I swear I am addicted, but least its a healthy addiction even though my bank balance begs to differ!
Anyways I have kind of put a spending ban on myself without actually declaring the ban so that I don't increase the urge more. Because of this sort of ban I have been keeping note of products I want (both high end & drugstore) so that I can then buy them once I feel like treating myself. I have a little wish list of products that I want from Boots in particular but these are also available elsewhere.
First on my list is Mitchum Shower Fresh Roll on deodorant. I know it may be an odd item to have on a wish list but I personally have never treid this & I am big fan of the spray so it is on top of my list to try. The idea of trying this was actually influence by Nicola Haste of Pixiwoo after she named it as one of her favourites in a video I watched.
Second up is Bourjois Cream blush. These have recently been released & of course the blogger sphere is going crazy for them so I want to try them.
Next product I want to try is Nivea in shower body lotion. I have to admit I am so excited by this product as I am a bit lazy in the full body moisturizing department. I tend to shower, get ready & go, just completely skipping that step. So my skin will be loving Nivea once I try this. I seen this in a couple of blogs & videos but Lily Pebbles of What I heart today had nothing but good things to say about this product.
Thanks to Jaclyn Hill from YouTube I now want all of the Maybelline Sensational Colour Vivid Lipsticks.
Since the new coloured Dry shampoo from Batiste arrived I have wanted to try them. I hate how the original gave you that white powdery look so I am excited for the possibility of less whiteness in my hair.
Thanks to Fleurdeforce & Sprinkleofglitter I want to try Soap & Glory lid stuff eye palette in 'What's Nude?'. It just seems to be the perfect little compact for creating everyday eye looks.
Lastly I want to try the Rimmel Kate Matte lipsticks & in partivular in shade 110 as I have seen Zoella wear it in a few videos and she seems to be a big fan.
What's on your wishlist?
Do you own any of these products? I would love to hear your opinion on them.
Natasha xx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag / Everyday Makeup

Hey Beauties!

Today I have ‘What’s in my Makeup Bag’ post for you. I was actually going to stay in my Boyfriends house and was working the next day so it is kind of an overnight makeup bag. I do have a lot of makeup & makeup bags & have quite a collection (another post) as I am addicted to makeup as well as being an MUA! I usually have a LOT more stuff in my makeup bag but this was a new bag so I just packed it with things I was going to use the next day.
All the products in this bag I use to create my ‘Everyday’ look (when I feel like wearing makeup) which differs from time to time depending on the products I am loving at the time or the colour of clothes I wearing. Everything usually stays the same except lips & cheek which depends on my outfit.
The foundation & powder I am using are new to me but I am loving them & think they may be permanent products for my everyday look. It isn’t really a Full coverage look which is usually what I go for in my Evening makeup looks so it does tend to change in Brands AND quantity ha.

I will list the products in order of usage without going into detail but if you would like to see a post on how I achieved this look or want to see more in depth posts on the products I use let me know in the comments or via Twitter & Facebook.
Clinique Moisture Surge
Rimmel Wake me up Foundation
RT Expert face brush
HD Brow Eye palette – Vamp
MAC pain pot – painterly
The Body Shop Eye shadow brush
No7 Stay Perfect Eye shadow Trio
MAC 217 Brush
Maybelline Falsies mascara
Maybelline Great lash mascara
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer – Medium
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
RT Powder Brush
MAC blush
RT Blush brush
The Body Shop Baked powder
RT Contour brush
MAC Fix+ Spray

For my lips, I used Max factor Colour Elixir ‘Pink Brandy’ & Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss in ‘Non stop glamour’. Both of these where in my handbag & not my makeup bag as they are my current favourite combo. The final look I achieved with these products can be seen below.

What’s in your makeup bag?

Natasha xx


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sedona Lace: The Midnight Lace set & Angled Flat Top (520)

Hello there :)
I'll start by warning you that this post contains lots of photos!
 If you watch any of the beauty gurus on YouTube or read all those beauty blogs, like me, then you will know of Sedona Lace brushes. If not? Then you are in for a treat!
 I watched numerous tutorials on YouTube where the girls used these makeup brushes with bright pink/black ombre bristles. I never seen them before & once I did I knew I needed wanted them. Luckily the girls always mentioned the brand of the brushes or stated them in the description below the video so I knew where to go.

The brushes I’m talking about are from the brand Sedona Lace. As you can see I got myself a total of 5 brushes  - 4 from a set & 1 individual brush. The set I got was the popular ‘Midnight Lace' set which contained as I mentioned 4 brushes. This set costs $49.95 & can be found HERE. The 4 brushes I'm talking about brushes you can see below, individually.

The first brush is the Angle Top Powder Brush - 602.


The second brush is the Kabuki Brush.


The third brush is the Round Top Powder Brush - 480.

The last brush of the set it the Flat Top Powder Brush - 928.

As well as the set I bought an individual brush which was the Angled Flat Top Powder Brush - 520. This brush can be found HERE
(Pardon the dirty brush)
In general, these brushes are really good. They look good with the pink bristles, feel so soft and are synthetic bristles making them perfect to use with powder, cream or liquid products making them very versatile.
They have a matte finish, black handles which are quite chunky which could bother some people but not me. Personally I love the matte finish & think it adds that professional touch to it.
These brushes can only be ordered online from HERE as far as am aware (when ordering from the UK especially) & it is an American company in Florida. There is shipping costs but are very reasonable for international shipping. I ordered these brushes while I was in New York in January for a week and these brushes arrived in Ireland from America before I did!
I have not one bad thing to say about this brand or products as I loved the customer service they give, the speedy delivery the WHOLE way to Ireland & the great quality brushes for affordable prices.
Have you tried these brushes?
Natasha xx


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

MAC Limited Edition: RiRiWoo Lipstick

Hello There!
Look what I got. YAYYYY! 

I love MAC makeup, obsessed with red lips & a Rihanna fan so you could imagine how excited I got for the launch of this lipstick. What lipstick am I talking about? The new MAC lipstick RiRiWoo which is from the ‘RiRi hearts MAC’ collection which is their recent collaboration with the one & only Rihanna.
MAC description: ‘Colour plus texture for the lips that made M∙A∙C famous. Limited-edition shade of RiRi Woo, a vivid cool red with matte finish created by Rihanna.’
This is a red matte lipstick with blue undertones, it is VERY similar to the RubyWoo lipstick but I find RiRiWoo is more blue (blue is not actually visible). I do love a Red matte lip & I am a big fan of Ruby Woo so I will be definitely getting use out of this one. That is if I ever actually use it, I just don’t like the idea of ruining it.
The lipstick itself has what appears to be Rihanna’s signature embossed in it which is the only tell-tale sign that it is actually a collaboration product.
I was lucky enough to get this lipstick after waiting online for the launch at 11am but unfortunately it is now SOLD OUT. But for anyone that hasn’t got their hands on this get over to the MAC website and sign up for the alerts for when the new products from this collection (& all the other collections) are available.
Did you get your hands on this lipstick?
Natasha xx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

HD Brows: Update & Palette Review

Hey Beautiful,
Fancy meeting you here?
Today I have a little update on my HD brows, I am a bit late with this post considering I am going for my next appointment next week! I just wanted to let you all see what the maintenance did for me and as I bought the HD Brows eyebrow/eyeshadow palette too, do a little review.
After I had my first HD Brow treatment, I booked there and then for my next appointment. The next appointment was a maintenance and 5 weeks away from then. After 3 weeks I was beginning to see a lot of growth in my brows & as you can imagine dreaded seeing the 5th week. But I stuck to it. Come the 5th week I had nearly walked into a beauty salon for a general eyebrow wax as I could no more see my beautiful defined brows that were once there 5 weeks ago. But I didn’t.
You have to just remind yourself (Well I did!) of the great results that is achieved from this treatment. But you can also book your maintenance for whenever you would like if you don’t think you could hold out but allowing the 5 weeks ensure there is enough growth to achieve even better results!
The maintenance treatment I received was similar to the first treatment except there was no threading involved. My brows were tinted, waxed, plucked and filled in using HD Brows eyebrow pencil. Below you can see the before & after of the maintenance treatment.
As you can see in the after picture my brows are quite thick which I didn’t like, but once I put a wipe to my brows they were thinner as it was just how the beautician filled them in with pencil. The brows were just perfect when I filled them in myself but unfortunately I only took a picture of my brows after the treatment.  The treatment at my salon cost £13. After the treatment I again booked an appointment for 5 weeks later for a maintenance just so that I am more inclined to keep my beautiful defined brows J! I am having  a second maintenance but you could opt for the full HD Brow treatment if you like but I am happy enough to leave that until the next appointment, My brows at the moment aren’t too bad as I have filled them in to hide the growth but I am eagerly waiting for my appointment next week!
As I mentioned when I was there I bought the eyebrow palette in VAMP. I had done my research prior to the next appointment so knew that I wanted the palette to just achieve the full HD effect. Below you can see the palette that I bought.

This little palette is amazing value for under £20 & can be bought from HERE. The shadows are versatile and can be used for creating smokey looks on the eye lids. I have used this numerous times now & OMG is this bad boy long lasting. I did my eyebrows with it one Saturday morning  and this stayed on all day until I washed my face that evening. I mean I did a lot that day – washed my car, shopped, went a walk & got caught in rain and this stayed put through all the soapy water & weather that day had to offer!
Here is what shades are available in this little beauty & some swatches. I know ‘1’ can’t be seen here but that is not the shadows fault/quality its just down to my poor skills. It is the perfect matt highlight & daytime lid colour.
I really loved this palette and found it great in terms of quality & value. I loved it so much I even bought the pro palette for my MUA kit which was has 6 shadows and was under £30. I don’t know what I did without it before! It is the first thing I pack in my kit & had the perfect shade for everyone.
Hope you all liked this little update, I shall let you know how I get on next time. I am BIG fan of these brows & this brand as you can tell.
Have you had these brows done since my last post? I would love to know.
Hope you all enter the competition & if not, what are you waiting for?
Much love,
Natasha xx

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Competition Time!

Hi my Loves!
I’m feeling really generous lately so decided to treat you all with a little ‘simple’ competition. Why so nice? You may ask. Well honestly I just want to show you all my appreciation for all that take the time to stop by and read my blog. Also I have been seeing my page views go up but not so much my followers, so it will help gain some beautiful followers just so we never have to miss anything.
I know I haven’t been around much but this competition should compensate for that right??
Without any further delay you will find all the details of the competition below. Drum roll please…
The prize up for grabs is the Urban Decay 'Naked' Eyeshadow Palette & Mac 'Candy Yum Yum' lipstick; these are two of my favourite products. The competition is open internationally so everyone can enter & no one is left out J!
I have yet to decide when the competition's closing date is but once I decide I will let you all know. I know for sure it won't be until I have at LEAST 10 followers.
The winner will be chosen at random & announced via a blog post & twitter. Please ensure you do follow this blog or your entry is not valid.
I hope you all like the prizes.
Now get entering!
Good Luck xx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Product Review: ChapStick Posh Lips Kit - Collection 1

Hello Darling!
I'm feeling very "Posh" today (*Speaking in a posh English accent*)! Why you might ask? But only because I have a review for you, on one of Chap Stick’s Posh Lips Kit.
I just picked this up last week at Superdrug and I immediately fell in love with the 'little cutesy', I know these have been out for a while but its NEW to me.
ChapStick is a well-known & loved brand of lip balm by the world, it is known for its great scents/tastes & quality. It's more than a 'does the job' type of lip balm. This kit comes in a pretty little tin that contains 3 flavours of the well-known lip balm: Strawberry, Cherry & Apple.
This is Collection 1 of the 'Posh Lips' kit and is part of the limited edition lip kits that Chapstick have released. The other kits that are available are the likes of ‘Hot Lips kit’, ‘Soft Lips kit’, ‘Tempting Lips kit’, ‘Pretty Lips kit’, ‘Lovely Lips kit’ & ‘Delicious Lips kit’ – each with a different design on the tin. These kits are only £3-£4 in most chemists & Supermarkets. I wouldn’t say they are a must have (as in can’t live without), but I would say they are the perfect addition to your hand bag. The little tin keeps them together making them easier to find and helps keep them clean.
Oh look… What do we have here? Just another collection for me to build. Oopsies!
Have you any of these collections? Aren’t they a great idea! 
Natasha xx


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