By Natasha Keating

Friday, 31 May 2013

Boots/Drugstore Wishlist


Hey girls!
As like many of you, I am addicted to reading beauty blogs and watching beauty YouTube videos, which I do enjoy but there is a downfall to doing so. And when I say downfall, I personally think it is more a perk. This being that they tend to mention products that they like, that are good etc & you may not have these so therefore end up buying them too. Anything for a bit of shopping & more beauty products is what I say!

Sadly we couldn't possibily have everything we want -unless we were billionaires! I am no millionaire but when I see beauty products I want them straight away. I swear I am addicted, but least its a healthy addiction even though my bank balance begs to differ!
Anyways I have kind of put a spending ban on myself without actually declaring the ban so that I don't increase the urge more. Because of this sort of ban I have been keeping note of products I want (both high end & drugstore) so that I can then buy them once I feel like treating myself. I have a little wish list of products that I want from Boots in particular but these are also available elsewhere.
First on my list is Mitchum Shower Fresh Roll on deodorant. I know it may be an odd item to have on a wish list but I personally have never treid this & I am big fan of the spray so it is on top of my list to try. The idea of trying this was actually influence by Nicola Haste of Pixiwoo after she named it as one of her favourites in a video I watched.
Second up is Bourjois Cream blush. These have recently been released & of course the blogger sphere is going crazy for them so I want to try them.
Next product I want to try is Nivea in shower body lotion. I have to admit I am so excited by this product as I am a bit lazy in the full body moisturizing department. I tend to shower, get ready & go, just completely skipping that step. So my skin will be loving Nivea once I try this. I seen this in a couple of blogs & videos but Lily Pebbles of What I heart today had nothing but good things to say about this product.
Thanks to Jaclyn Hill from YouTube I now want all of the Maybelline Sensational Colour Vivid Lipsticks.
Since the new coloured Dry shampoo from Batiste arrived I have wanted to try them. I hate how the original gave you that white powdery look so I am excited for the possibility of less whiteness in my hair.
Thanks to Fleurdeforce & Sprinkleofglitter I want to try Soap & Glory lid stuff eye palette in 'What's Nude?'. It just seems to be the perfect little compact for creating everyday eye looks.
Lastly I want to try the Rimmel Kate Matte lipsticks & in partivular in shade 110 as I have seen Zoella wear it in a few videos and she seems to be a big fan.
What's on your wishlist?
Do you own any of these products? I would love to hear your opinion on them.
Natasha xx

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