By Natasha Keating

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sedona Lace: The Midnight Lace set & Angled Flat Top (520)

Hello there :)
I'll start by warning you that this post contains lots of photos!
 If you watch any of the beauty gurus on YouTube or read all those beauty blogs, like me, then you will know of Sedona Lace brushes. If not? Then you are in for a treat!
 I watched numerous tutorials on YouTube where the girls used these makeup brushes with bright pink/black ombre bristles. I never seen them before & once I did I knew I needed wanted them. Luckily the girls always mentioned the brand of the brushes or stated them in the description below the video so I knew where to go.

The brushes I’m talking about are from the brand Sedona Lace. As you can see I got myself a total of 5 brushes  - 4 from a set & 1 individual brush. The set I got was the popular ‘Midnight Lace' set which contained as I mentioned 4 brushes. This set costs $49.95 & can be found HERE. The 4 brushes I'm talking about brushes you can see below, individually.

The first brush is the Angle Top Powder Brush - 602.


The second brush is the Kabuki Brush.


The third brush is the Round Top Powder Brush - 480.

The last brush of the set it the Flat Top Powder Brush - 928.

As well as the set I bought an individual brush which was the Angled Flat Top Powder Brush - 520. This brush can be found HERE
(Pardon the dirty brush)
In general, these brushes are really good. They look good with the pink bristles, feel so soft and are synthetic bristles making them perfect to use with powder, cream or liquid products making them very versatile.
They have a matte finish, black handles which are quite chunky which could bother some people but not me. Personally I love the matte finish & think it adds that professional touch to it.
These brushes can only be ordered online from HERE as far as am aware (when ordering from the UK especially) & it is an American company in Florida. There is shipping costs but are very reasonable for international shipping. I ordered these brushes while I was in New York in January for a week and these brushes arrived in Ireland from America before I did!
I have not one bad thing to say about this brand or products as I loved the customer service they give, the speedy delivery the WHOLE way to Ireland & the great quality brushes for affordable prices.
Have you tried these brushes?
Natasha xx


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