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Sunday, 21 February 2016

VERY LATE....What I got for Christmas 2015

Hello again,

Christmas 2015 was one of the best I must say, not that I really left the house or my pyjamas for that matter. And not because it was full of great gifts but because it was spent with my nearest & dearest and involved lots of relaxing and enjoying my time off with lots of 'me' time. Lets not forget all the shopping I done too which I now regret after checking my bank but those sales get me everytime and some are too good to be true. There is definitely a big enough haul done and all will be revealed in a post soon.

My 'me' time involved lots of reading blog posts and watching youtube videos which were mostly made up of 'What I got for christmas' posts and videos. Some people may look at them as the creator bragging but I love them. It not only satisfies that nosey parker inside me but it also gives me ideas of what to add to my wishlist, what to ask for my birthday (its was on January 26th), what to pick up in the sales and mostly to give me ideas for Christmas gifts in the next year, being this year. How you might ask? But I remember watching Dolly Bow Bow 'What I got for my Birthday' one year and I got so many Christmas gift ideas from that. You can watch that video HERE. I took the idea of the soaps on the tray and done similar for my Mammy but with all the body shop soaps, also got her a box full of every kind of radox bubble bath and got my sister a box full of every impulse etc as part of their Christmas presents. To some they might hate this sort of gift but I know this would be my ideal gift and my family loved them and since carried on the idea.

So this year I thought I will return the favour and let everyone have a nosey at what I got and also to allow me to relive it all. Also I thought they were all too good not to share.

Less of my rambling and onto what I got..

Better late than never? A phrase I’ve used many a times on here. But lets relive Christmas today and take a look at what I got for Christmas.

From my dad or should I say “Santa” (I know being 24 at time I was really milking it) I was spoilt rotten. This year was the first year my dad decided to sort out our presents on his own since my mammy passed away, as the Christmas was only two weeks after her death so it was a joint effort between my dad, little sister and I. But this year he was determined to do it on his own and I must say he done well. We were all asked what we wanted and to be honest I didn’t really expect much but at the time I was going to upgrade my phone and when my dad caught wind of that he said no sure I’ll get you that for Christmas. 

Without rambling on anymore the picture below shows the gifts my dad got me although it doesn’t show my new phone I did get an iPhone 6S Plus. 

How lucky am I? Spoilt rotten I was and of course I am so grateful and that goes without saying but of course we in our house know it’s not all about the presents but family at Christmas.

The above photo shows everything I got from my sister, as you can see there was a lot of the things from my wishlist was ticked of by her gifts. But I have to admit I chose my gifts lol. I know I'm so hard to buy to and even harder to surprise so I asked Elisha what her budget was and bought my gifts and told her much it was lol. Oopps but I saved her the hassle and I got what i wanted. So it was WIN WIN for us both.

The above photo shows everything my boyfriend got me. I couldn't believe the size of gift bag and i felt like every time i was lift a gift and unwrapping them that it was never ending. Ruairi had asked me for a list of makeup I wanted just so he wouldn't buy me anything I already have. And not expecting everything I listed I wrote a big list to give him lots of options but of course he got me basically everything on the list! But one thing I can NOT believe he got me is a MacBookPro. I have wanted one for so long but never thought I would own one so soon. There was tears throughout the day for numerous reasons from the absence of a special someone to lots of thoughtful gifts but there was definitely tears when I opened my Macbook.

And don't worry I did spoil everyone just as much and got Ruairi a PS4 & Apple Watch among other things.

Although I love Christmas, Boxing Day is what I really get excited for. From christmas night I shop online & plan what I'm going to get the next day in the shops. I got so much for christmas so I couldn't possibly need anything else but of course I couldn't resist a bargain. Boxing Day morning I
get up super early and make my first stop to River Island and then to boots to wait for the doors to open. I got nothing in River Island but as always Boots is my favourite for Boxing Day Sale. Below is everything I picked up in Boots.

I am a huge Lush fan so of course I had to check out their Sale. And yes I did try to wait in the queue but it was 8 hours so when I woke in the middle of the night at like 4 like i usually do, i went on and made my order.

Can we all appreciate the soap & glory gifts I got. Its good that I love the brand! My Dad got me the limited edition bag, my brother Nathan got me the soaper star set and the rest you seen in the previous photos.

Sorry for the super long and VERY late post but I just wanted to put up the post and relive it all again.

Natasha xx

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