By Natasha Keating

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Product Review: TBS Hemp Hand Cream

Hey Beauties,
This may be an oldie/well established product in the industry but it is my favourite all the same. And why not share your favourites? After all, it's the whole blogging point isn't it?
This is The Body Shop (TBS) Hemp hand protectant from their popular Hemp range and is one of their best selling products. It is made from the seed oil of Hemp plants grown in England. Reading through the ingredients list you will see 'Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil' but do not be alarmed & think WOAH that stuff is illegal, because it is not. Yes there is parts of the plant that this seed oil comes from that is used for the Class B drug but most of the plant is actually used to make many things and is legal. And in no way is the illegal part contained in this product so don't worry & definitely don't be sending the police down to your local TBS store, you will be just wasting their time.
Although this product contains what some would call a "controversial" ingredient, as HEMP seed oil, if it didn't contain this oil it wouldn't be the great product that it is.
TBS claim that this product softens & protects the hands, relieving very dry skin & restoring moisture and suppleness. And that it does!

The cream has a green tint & is scented (not of cannabis) which I can't figure out how to describe but it's not one that bothers me but generally scents don't bother me. For those who tend to be sensitive to smells this may bother you but it shouldn't considering it is subtle.
I apply a generous amount of this on my hands and massage into the whole hand up to and stopping at my wrists, paying more attention to my knuckles and cuticles. This does take a while to sink in & you will feel it on your hands for a while and they do tend to be quite "slippy". So I apply this just before bed to allow it to work over night and to stop the "slippy" feeling from bothering me. DO NOT try and open anything with this on, its just not going to happen. Otherwise invest in those white cotton moisture gloves and you are good to go about opening stuff etc. but I wouldn't recommend leaving the house with them on! Not a good look.
My Opinion
 As I said I am a big fan of this product and do use it regularly at night but it is a shame I cant use it during the day but if I want the results it gives me, I am happy to stick to applying it at night. This leaves my skin feeling really soft & moisturised but slightly slimy which doesn't bother me while I'm sleeping.
 Pros: Great product; leaves skin smooth & feels soft for hours after I wake up.
Cons: The smell may bother some people & the length of time it takes to seep into the skin can be restrictive in what you do.
In general this is a great treatment for keeping your hands soft. It costs £5 for 30ml or £10 for 100ml from HERE, so it would be better to buy the 100ml to save in costs & will last longer. TBS usually always have offers on & sometimes do the 100ml for £5, so do keep an eye out on the website OR sign up by email to stay up to date on offers. Also if you don't already own the 'Love your Body' loyalty card that they have, go get it & save on top of savings. BARGAINS galore.
 What's your opinion of this product?
 Natasha xx


  1. Hello, I recently created a blog, and I just wanted to say I love yours! mine is about inspirational quotes and stories that I have been through to perhaps help you out with any problems! check it out if you like! thank you so much if you do x

  2. I do agree that the smell may be off putting but it is definitely one of the best moisturising creams out there! The other thing I think is a downfall of this cream is that it seems to stay on your hands and if you put a little too much on, it soaks your hands and makes them slippery so you can't do anything until you wipe some off :(

    Lovely blog :)

  3. Yeah I agree I don't care for the smell if it works. Yeah I hate that slippery feeling which is why I put it on before I go to bed to avoid dropping everything lol. Thanks for stopping by hun xx


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