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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

HD Brows: Update & Palette Review

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Today I have a little update on my HD brows, I am a bit late with this post considering I am going for my next appointment next week! I just wanted to let you all see what the maintenance did for me and as I bought the HD Brows eyebrow/eyeshadow palette too, do a little review.
After I had my first HD Brow treatment, I booked there and then for my next appointment. The next appointment was a maintenance and 5 weeks away from then. After 3 weeks I was beginning to see a lot of growth in my brows & as you can imagine dreaded seeing the 5th week. But I stuck to it. Come the 5th week I had nearly walked into a beauty salon for a general eyebrow wax as I could no more see my beautiful defined brows that were once there 5 weeks ago. But I didn’t.
You have to just remind yourself (Well I did!) of the great results that is achieved from this treatment. But you can also book your maintenance for whenever you would like if you don’t think you could hold out but allowing the 5 weeks ensure there is enough growth to achieve even better results!
The maintenance treatment I received was similar to the first treatment except there was no threading involved. My brows were tinted, waxed, plucked and filled in using HD Brows eyebrow pencil. Below you can see the before & after of the maintenance treatment.
As you can see in the after picture my brows are quite thick which I didn’t like, but once I put a wipe to my brows they were thinner as it was just how the beautician filled them in with pencil. The brows were just perfect when I filled them in myself but unfortunately I only took a picture of my brows after the treatment.  The treatment at my salon cost £13. After the treatment I again booked an appointment for 5 weeks later for a maintenance just so that I am more inclined to keep my beautiful defined brows J! I am having  a second maintenance but you could opt for the full HD Brow treatment if you like but I am happy enough to leave that until the next appointment, My brows at the moment aren’t too bad as I have filled them in to hide the growth but I am eagerly waiting for my appointment next week!
As I mentioned when I was there I bought the eyebrow palette in VAMP. I had done my research prior to the next appointment so knew that I wanted the palette to just achieve the full HD effect. Below you can see the palette that I bought.

This little palette is amazing value for under £20 & can be bought from HERE. The shadows are versatile and can be used for creating smokey looks on the eye lids. I have used this numerous times now & OMG is this bad boy long lasting. I did my eyebrows with it one Saturday morning  and this stayed on all day until I washed my face that evening. I mean I did a lot that day – washed my car, shopped, went a walk & got caught in rain and this stayed put through all the soapy water & weather that day had to offer!
Here is what shades are available in this little beauty & some swatches. I know ‘1’ can’t be seen here but that is not the shadows fault/quality its just down to my poor skills. It is the perfect matt highlight & daytime lid colour.
I really loved this palette and found it great in terms of quality & value. I loved it so much I even bought the pro palette for my MUA kit which was has 6 shadows and was under £30. I don’t know what I did without it before! It is the first thing I pack in my kit & had the perfect shade for everyone.
Hope you all liked this little update, I shall let you know how I get on next time. I am BIG fan of these brows & this brand as you can tell.
Have you had these brows done since my last post? I would love to know.
Hope you all enter the competition & if not, what are you waiting for?
Much love,
Natasha xx


  1. Your brows look great, and I love the HD brow pallet, I could live without it!!

    1. Thanks hun. I know I know what I would do without it now xx


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