By Natasha Keating

Thursday, 15 October 2015

I have your monthly gift dear....

*WARNING: This post may be TMI for some. And aimed at ladies only for obvious reasons*
Hello there!
As the title suggests, this is indeed a monthly gift but i'm not going to talk about that kinda of gift that the famous 'Tampax' ad refers to. But instead Im talking about gettin a monthly gift for getting your "monthly gift". Basically. If you don't get what I mean then keep reading.

I discover the Pink Parcel through a little post card with a discount code in one of my montly magazine (I recognise a monthly theme, weird!) and was intrigued so I looked it up and before I knew it I recieved my confirmation email.
Just like Birchbox or Glossybox and various other brands, Pink Parcel is a monthly subscrition beauty box service. But unlike the other popular box subscriptions Pink Parcel is based around ladies "Monthly gift" (Period). At first I didnt know what to expect but I am amazed at this idea. Round of applause for Pink Parcel they have thought of everything that a girl would need that time of the month. Have a look at what I got:
The above picture showes what is inside the box when it comes. Theres 2x 'For Later' Boxes, 'For down there' box, 'for you' box (my favourite bit!) and a little 'for now' bag.
This little bag came filled with tampons and panty liners ready to throw into your bag and go. You could always take them out and put the ones to suit in and it would also be great for holding likes of keys and hair clips & bobbles that tend to get lost in our bags.
The 'down there' box contains a product for down there. This month it was a refreshing mist and will change each month.

The for later box contained lots of tampons in various absorpencies. When you order your subscription you get to choose whether you want Tampons or Sanitary towels, What brand you want and what type/absorbency you want. I chose Tampax tampons and selected Multi so that I would get a variety of them. You can change your mind each month so if you use either you can alternate between the two or try new brands. No more treks to the shops to buy some or no longer having to encounter the red faced teenage boy serving you. THANK GOD!

Now the exciting bit of the box and its the 'for you' box that has everything else you would need for that time of the month. As you can see my box was jammed packed with lots of goodies from hand warmers, hand sanitiser, tea bags to Revlon nail polish, MUA palette & more! I cant wait to see what will be in next months.

The first box only cost £7.95 and will be £12.95 after that. You can get your box here.
I highly recommend this one ladies and you get a lot of value for money. And another bonus is that you base the deliveries around your cycle so that you receive it before or during your next cycle.

Who said we have to dread that time of month especially if we are getting gifts for it! I know for me it doesn't make it any better but its a great way to keep my mind of it!

Natasha xx

*WARNING: This post may be TMI for some. And aimed at ladies only for obvious reasons*


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