By Natasha Keating

Monday, 16 September 2013

How to clean your Beauty Blender

Hey Beauties!
Todays post is on the famous & amazing beauty blender!
I have become obsessed with a sponge which is suprising considering I despised sponges until I tried the Beauty Blender. The beauty blender is loved by professionals and beauty enthusiasts for the flawless, airbrush finish that is achieved from using it. But anyways I will be talking more about the beauty blender in more detail in a separate review. The reason I hated sponges so much was due to them harvesting so much bacteria and being so hard to cleaner as there was basically no specific cleaner for sponges. But now Beauty blender isn't only a great sponge for the finish it gives you but because it has it own cleanser.
So this post I will be showing you 'how to clean your beauty blender'. I have heard a lot of bloggers and youtube gurus talk about how HARD the beauty blender is to clean when I can't see how. And this post will prove it. Ok I can see how it probably could be if you don't wash it for a long time or if you are expecting dirty marks to be gone after the first wash (it's not gonna happen).
To clean you sponge you don't need a whole lot of things to this which is another joy of this. All you need is your beauty blender and the beauty blender cleanser.
Follow the following steps to clean your Beauty Blender:
1. Obviously you have to get your dirty sponge
2. Now dampen your sponge by placing it under a running tap, squeezing it as you do so that it expands to its final size. Once the sponge is at its full size, squeeze out the excess water.
 3. Press on the outer rim of the top of bottle (the pump) to bring the cleanser to the top. It goes without saying if your cleanser is not in the pump bottle then just pour the cleanser on the sponge.
The above picture shows the cleanser in the rim. One pump will be enough.
4. Dip your damp beauty blender into the cleanser. I try to distribute the cleanser evenly over the sponge so dipping the top, the bottom and the sides into the cleanser. Even though the cleanser will lather no matter where its put I find it's a bit easier on the sponge so you are not excessively squeezing it to bring it to a lather.
5. Once you have the cleanser on your sponge, rub the sponge and squeeze it to bring it to a lather. Obviously you don't need to be rough with the sponge and it should lather easily, if not apply more cleanser or re-dampen the sponge.

6. Now rinse your sponge under a running tap, squeezing the sponge as you do. Once the cleanser is all rinsed out just sqeeze the excess water out of the sponge.
7. Now inspect the sponge to ensure that it is clean and that there is no marks or stains left.
8. If like me and after the first wash you still have makeup or marks/stains on the sponge then it is just a matter of repeating the previous steps (Steps 3-6 in particular).

9. Now after the second wash inspect the sponge to see if it is now clean.
10. Now you have your clean sponge place it in the holder provided to allow it to dry out.
So girls as you can see it is as easy as that to clean your beauty blender. It is quick and easy. And if your sponge isn't clean after the first wash then clean it again.
Have you tried the beauty blender sponge? How do you clean yours?
Natasha xx

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