By Natasha Keating

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

BeneFit Crease Control Concealer

Hey Beauties,

 On my way back from IMATS in London, I obviously had a look at the makeup in Duty Free at the airport & came across this much raved about release from Benefit. This being the Benefit’s “Fake up” crease control hydrating concealer.

To be honest I had to think before buying this product as I believed that only the older/aged eyes would need a crease proof concealer but that was until mines creased one day!

I got this concealer in the shade ‘Light’ as not only am I pale anyways but I also like to use a lighter shade concealer to highlight when doing a contoured makeup look. The packaging of the concealer is like all of benefit’s products, BEAUTIFUL! It’s a pretty shiny tube that is like mirror (Handy!), it is in stick form and can twisted up and down like a lipstick.
This clever little creation may have you question what it is at first when you open it, why? Because there isn’t just a stick of coloured concealer…  Nope! There is a clear ring which does look like a lip balm wrapped around the typical looking concealer. This ring of “lip balm” is what is said to stop your concealer from creasing by moisturising/hydrating the area it’s applied to. The hydrating properties of this clear ring are from the vitamin E & apple seed extract contained in it.


 This can be applied using a brush or just straight from the tube, I prefer to use it straight from the stick and pat with my fingertips, as Benefit themselves recommend to do. And a little is all you need, the more you use; the more likely it will end up doing the opposite as it is supposed to do. I like to use this in the under eye area and on top of a more full coverage concealer, as it is on the sheer side of a concealer (it is actually in between sheer & full coverage) & has the skin brightening properties to brighten the under eye area & make you appear more awake.
 I don’t use this on other areas of the face such as blemishes because this to me would highlight those areas you are actually trying to hide. And it is sold as an under eye & I’m convinced it may have broken me out on the cheek but not sure as there was a number of new things I was trying. But to be safe I haven’t applied anywhere else rather than my eyes for now.
This to me feels greasy & more like applying oil to the skin than a moisturiser, I can see where they are coming from by adding the outer ring of hydration but have they over done it? Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t stop me from using it as it’s nothing that a little of powder won’t take away. And anyways, if you let it be for a few seconds it does sink in & leaves skin feeling soft & looking smooth.

 My Thoughts
Benefit claims that this will hide dark circles & diffuse fine lines for what the call ‘a silky smooth, ultra-natural and claim that it won’t cake, settle or crease.
I can agree with these claims from Benefit but I personally find it greasy at times & find it highlights my under eye bags when I am trying to hide them & brighten the eyes. This does hide dark circles but for those who have really dark circles I recommend using this along with another concealer.
 This is great at smoothing the under eyes as well & you can see great results using this. You can build this up if you like or if need to top up throughout the day and it won’t cake but I recommend letting each layer sink in & ensuring it is blended in well.
 Pros: Hides dark circles, can be used highlight (light shade) or can be used to contour (deep shade). I personally think it’s great for all skin types & tones & even on aged skin.
Cons: Only three shades available, the light is still a tad too dark/orange for my skin tone & if you apply too much it will feel very oily and greasy. I also find that it can show your under eye bags more.
To sum up, I would recommend this product to brighten the under eye but its best using it after having a good sleep & with no under eye bags. LOL! It is a great concept for an under eye concealer & I have yet to find a better one but somehow I’m still not convinced!
 But considering this may have read completely negative throughout, I am still continuing to use it & I will be purchasing the other two shades to try them out for contouring & to test them on others. I will keep you all posted once I have put them through the wars!

Where to Buy
This can be bought from the usual sellers of Benefit products such as Boots (Here), Debenhams (Here), House of Fraser (Here), Feel Unique (Here) & the rest! It retails at £19 but as I have said, I got mines from the airport at Duty Free so it would have been a little less.
 Do you think this is worth the hype?
I would love to know.
 Natasha xx

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  1. I loved these when I first got them, but quickly started not too like them :/ I think they're great for people with very dry skin, or on those really dry spots, but otherwise, it's way to greasy :( x


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