By Natasha Keating

Friday, 12 April 2013

Fridays Favourites: Celebrities

Welcome Beautiful J
Finally the weekend is upon us & that can only mean one thing…. Friday’s Favourites!
This week is all about the celebrities that I really like, read about/ stay updated with and the ones that I get inspiration from for my makeup/hair and then there is just that one that I don’t really know anything about in their real life but just like to look at them. Hmmm…
So… My first favourite is the FABulous Dita Von Teese.
I am a big fan of Dita, I think she is gorgeous & really feminine. I love everything vintage so I do love her style & especially her makeup. I tend to rock a red lip often thanks to DVT! My late grandmother once said I looked like Dita (BIG COMPLIMENT!) & every time I would wear red lipstick or if she was asking about me she would always refer to me by Dita LOL. So now, as you can imagine, I am even more obsessed with her AND red lipstick/vintage pin up makeup.

My second favourite is the beautiful Beyoncé.
I mentioned her before in my favourite songs but I am a big fan of her also. I just love her music, style, looks & of course, her personality.
My next favourite is a somewhat controversial one. But honestly I don’t care how or why they are famous. It is the Kardashians.
I just love their shows & watch them religiously. I have always been a fan for as long as I can remember now. I love their attitude to life & how they ALWAYS look beautiful. They to me are the best advertisement for contouring or yellow concealer. My favourite without a doubt is Khloe; I am literally obsessed with her lol. I just love the way she plays around & says what she wants. I do like them all BUT Kim is my least favourite (JUST SAYING), I find she is so different to the others & I tend to relate to the others more (well I think that’s why).
Next has to be Lauren Conrad.
WOW! She is just beautiful. I loved her on The Hills & own her beauty book which has so great tips. She always nails her looks; I am yet to see a picture where she doesn’t look great.
And then best to last... Channing Tatum.
Remember when I said I know nothing about them but like to look at them. Well this is the answer to who that is. I watched him in movies & see lots of pictures of him but honestly I know nothing about him.
 Well ladies that is all for my favourites until next time.
I would love to know who your favourite celebrities are. Do you like any of the above?
Happy Friday Beautiful!
Natasha xx


  1. I love Lauren Conrad and Beyoncé, but most of all Channing Tatum - what a beautiful man! :)

    Your blog is really cute :) I'm now following you so feel free to check out my blog + follow back!

    1. Couldn't agree more :)!

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm your newest follower :)!

      Have you checked out the competition? xx


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